Meet MAEKIT, your global shared factory.

The Future of manufacturing

A trusted, encrypted and open platform for the entire 3D printing supply chain based on distributed ledger technology and IoT.

For the entire global market

We are building a solution for global brands, traders, manufacturers & suppliers.


Make. The Future. Together.

A digital manufacturing platform and 3D print farm ecosystem to securely, efficiently deliver products where and when needed, while protecting all stakeholders’ rights.

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MAEKIT enables efficiencies across the entire production economy via geographic & economic decentralization of digital production assets.

Market Challenges

MAEKIT ensures the trust that sharing production assets requires via the delivery of IP security, product & process traceability, quality assurance.

Applied Technologies

MAEKIT converges cutting edge technology to address these challenges additive manufacturing, blockchain, cryptography, and IoT / sensoring.


MAEKIT unites and coordinates the full production value chain: digital collaboration platform & gold standard physical production facilities

Global. Shared. Factory.

MAEKIT will be the marketplace for the autonomous digital value chain.
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