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Join Pilot Trials


Join Pilot Trials

To help customers embark on MAEKIT, we have identified a two-pronged proven and tested strategy:


an assessment providing (potential) clients with the necessary insights to make a justified decision.


a pilot as an initial small-scale implementation that is used to prove the viability of the project idea.


Certified Digital Manufacturing Impact Assessment

The assessment surveys the challenges standing between the clients who see the benefits of certified AM and the ability of their organisation to implement the relevant use cases and reaping the benefits. The principle here is that it’s essential to take a close look at where along the value chain the elements of the MAEKIT solution might have the biggest potential benefit for the client. The outcome is a concrete project plan with set deliverables.





The pilot project enables an organisation to manage the risk of this new concept and identify any deficiencies before substantial resources are committed. It tests the implementation approach and its purpose is to manage the risk of implementation. The availability of MAEKIT 3D print files of a small number of selected parts is the key element for storage in MAEKIT’s secure Digital Warehouse, ready for digital manufacturing on demand.


Pilot Trials

MAEKIT will be starting soon with a next run of Pilot Trials