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Printer farms

Printer Farms

The concept of a 3D Printer Farm is amazing - multiple 3D printers set up in one location, all working together in a 3D printing factory that can generate hundreds of parts or products in mere hours.

It becomes really awesome with the MAEKIT approach. Starting with a pilot Printer Farm in Amsterdam, MAEKIT will expand to a larger network of approved Printer Farms in designated areas around the world. Although the concept will be based on modular printing factories, the set-up of 3D printers and the use of materials can differ depending on market demand.


MAEKIT has multiple Additive manufacturing partners

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The First Certified Aeronautical 3D Print Farm

Aviation is one of the most regulated industries in the world, generating the highest standards and certifications requirements. Using a digital catalog of selected aeronautical spare parts, MAEKIT will comply to set up a fully certified Printer Farm as a pilot, supported by KLM Engineering & Maintenance, LATAM Airlines and its other partners.

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