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MAEKIT transforms spare parts markets

3D printing is fundamentally disrupting the manufacturing sector

  • Underpins the transition from bottom up.
  • From traditional to digital manufacturing.
  • Provides access to materials that are fit for use as digital spare parts in Automotive, Aerospace, Construction, Materials Handling, Shipbuilding, Factories, etc.
  • Impacts shipping, logistics, and transportation.

The Leap Engine Fuel Nozzle

A telling example of a digital spare part highlighting its advantages and benefits

How GE is using 3D Printing to unleash the biggest revolution in manufacturing in over a century.

More than 30,000 additively-manufactured fuel nozzle tips already “grew” on 3D printers at GE Aviation’s plant in the US. Savings for the operating airlines up to $3 million per aircraft per year (Rajiv Rao, Tech Republic).