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MAEKIT transforms spare parts markets


Actual global insights about on-demand manufacturing

From the COVID-19 situation

First time that 3D Printing is being applied on such a large scale for on-demand manufacturing.

Existing on-demand manufacturing caused many problems: falsification of documents, illicit trading, frauds, products of poor quality.

The MAEKIT Solution

Since 2016, MAEKIT has been creating a secure streaming service to trusted 3D printers, enabling manufacturers to securely make and deliver on an on-demand basis — and do so locally, close to where the products are needed.



Transforming the global digital spare parts supply chain

To move to this next stage of manufacturing, manufacturers need Trust in IP, Trust in Quality and Trust in Transactions. MAEKIT is similar to streaming platforms — a shift that could totally transform the spare parts business, just as Spotify did for the music industry and Netflix for video.

The COVID-19 situation as a springboard

“This crisis demonstrates the critical role 3D printing should play in de-risking supply chains and enabling a distributed manufacturing strategy, closer to the point of use. Develop mature 3D printing services and integrate them into your business continuity planning (BCP) services for supply chains, particularly for the manufacturing sectors that have borne the brunt of COVID-19. Use this as a springboard to lead 3D printing service providers” - (HFS Research, 17 April, 2020)